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Busting Myths About Website Design

In Demysitifying Websites by Enid SpitzLeave a Comment

Effective web design that invites visitors to each page—and converts them into customers—isn’t as easy to achieve as you might think. In our experience, there are several thoughts and theories about web design that simply aren’t true.  We’re debunking our top five most common myths below, in hopes that it makes your web design process a little easier. Websites are …

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How a Hobby Blog Became a Business

In Inside Green Bag Designs by Amber ForbesLeave a Comment

Hi, y’all, it’s Amber, and I’m here to tell you my story on how I turned my hobby blog into an award winning business while only working part-time! Blogging has landed me incredible opportunities including features on The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Parade, Country Living and more, and has given me gigs like my current position at Green Bag Designs. The …

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How the Heck to Use a Hashtag

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If you thought Instagram was a tween trend of 2010, that ship has sailed. It’s 2018, Instagram and Facebook are in bed and the rest of the world is eager to get in. New Instagram updates are rolling out hot, like the announcement that you can pre-schedule and automatically post content (Read Hootsuite’s guide >> How To Share Post Directly …

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Our Top Five Successes

In Inside Green Bag Designs by Enid SpitzLeave a Comment

I’m so glad that we can put our hurdles behind us and celebrate our top five big successes from the past five years!  Celebrate with us on our successes below:     Getting our first client When I started this business, I looked on Craigslist for some of our first clients.  After several failed meetings, and more than one sketchy encounter, we …

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The Story Behind Green Bag Designs

In Inside Green Bag Designs by Enid Spitz1 Comment

When I was growing up, I was always running little businesses.  I ran a pet-sitting business in my neighborhood, taught flute to a couple of kids in band, and had a brief stint making cupcakes out of my home.  I also spent my time playing computer games on a floppy drive, and making random geocities sites about my friend’s cat. …

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Red Kite Coastal Homes WordPress Website Launched in just Three Days

In client showcase by Chris MajernikLeave a Comment

You guys remember that epic snow storm we had in Charleston?  Most of us were sitting on couches in front of roaring fires, or sledding down very small hills.  Well, we were meeting with two amazing Residential Real Estate Agents that were not going to let a little snow stop them from getting an amazing Wordpress Website! I met with Residential …

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We’ve got Vision for 2018!

In Social Media, Tips & Tools by Chris MajernikLeave a Comment

Have you mocked up a vision board for your business?  We’ve tried scrapbooking, jotting lists, creating a vision board, you name it!  This year, we decided to mock up our vision on Pinterest boards: Check them out here! This year we’re hyperfocused on two things for our business: loving our clients and saving our Benjamins.  We’ve pinned a ton of …