Website maintenance: Why your site requires maintenance

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Website maintenance is a little like insurance. You don’t really notice you don’t have it, until something goes wrong. At Green Bag Designs we love building websites for our awesome clients! There is nothing more exciting than when a site launches and our client’s ring the bell! (If you aren’t sure what bell we are talking about, pay a visit to our office). On the other hand, there is nothing sadder than when a client calls us a few months down the road, panicked because their beautiful new site is down… or worse, rerouted someplace unsavory.

Website maintenance is more than an insurance policy.

At Green Bag Designs our monthly maintenance clients sleep well at night knowing their website is safe and sound. Every week we check for outdated plugins and install the latest version. We ensure their themes are also up to date. Maybe you have heard that things can go wrong when you update a plugin? Well, sometimes they do! That’s why we run daily offsite backups of your site. Backups ensure our ability to restore your site to all of its awesomeness with ease.

Despite all of these measures, now and then, something goes wrong with a site. When it does our monthly maintenance, clients enjoy the VIP treatment. As soon as we receive word* of the issue we will get to work resolving the problem. We will get your site back up and running as well as diagnose why the problem occurred in the first place. Based off this diagnosis we will implement measures to ensure the function and security of your site going forward.

Website Maintenance cost less than you think.

Let’s say you are not a maintenance client and your site goes down. Of course, we are here to help! However, there is an assessment fee to diagnose the issue and additional fees may be necessary to repair your site. If your site has been hacked it may need to be professionally scrubbed to remove all of the bad code. This can cost hundreds of dollars! You could easily spend $500 or more to fix your site in an emergency.

On top of the cost to fix a site that isn’t covered under maintenance, you are burdened by the constant worry that something could go wrong and there isn’t a backup of your site. This means your entire site could be lost!

If you are a monthly maintenance client your site will always be backed up. The likelihood of glitches or being hacked are tremendously diminished by our routine updates.  And should something happen to go wrong anyway, repairing your site is our number one priority. You get all of this and more for only $50 a month or $500 a year!  Our Maintenance Club members are also eligible to take advantage of great discounts, offers and prizes throughout the year, so stay tuned for those updates in our bi-monthly blast emails. If you haven’t signed up for our monthly newsletter, you can sign up at the bottom of our home page!

*We check our emails during normal business hours and will notify you when we begin working to repair your site.