The Cost of Website Maintenance

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Improper website maintenance can cost ya…big time.

With the world on watch as the coronavirus spreads and economies fearing global contagion, now is as good as a time as any for small businesses to review their websites to ensure their sites aren’t subjected to viruses and vulnerabilities. 

Improperly website maintenance can easily be compromised by malware and hackers leading to malicious redirects, app and plugin downloads, popups, and infected advertisements. Think an attack on your site is unlikely? Think again.

According to BlueHost, WordPress websites are attacked at 90,000 sites per minute. The bad news? Most websites are going to be attacked at some point. The good news? There are ways to combat the viruses as long as proper website maintenance plans are in place. 

Yes, most website maintenance plans cost money, but we promise it costs less than you think, and it’s nowhere near what it would cost to rebuild an entire website from scratch in the event it was hacked and wasn’t properly backed up. 

Website Security Basics

  1. Have a dedicated, reliable host. 
  2. Keep your password and permissions secure.  
  3. Build your site on a secure theme. 
  4. Set up 2-factor authentication. 
  5. Have an SSL certificate
  6. Install security and spam plugins
  7. Keep WordPress plugins updated. 
  8. Maintain daily backups. 
  9. Monitor comments and spam activity. 
  10. Block SPAM and IP addresses of malicious users.  

Did you know we have a Website Maintenance Plan?!?

If you are a monthly maintenance client your site will always be backed up. The likelihood of glitches or being hacked is tremendously diminished by our routine updates.  And should something happen to go wrong? Repairing your site becomes our number one priority. You get all of this and more for $500/yr when paid in full or $50/mo when paid monthly!  

Our Maintenance members are also eligible to take advantage of great discounts, offers, and prizes throughout the year, so stay tuned for those updates in our bi-monthly blast emails. If you haven’t signed up for our monthly newsletter, you can sign up here

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