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Have you mocked up a vision board for your business?  We’ve tried scrapbooking, jotting lists, creating a vision board, you name it!  This year, we decided to mock up our vision on Pinterest boards: Check them out here!

This year we’re hyperfocused on two things for our business: loving our clients and saving our Benjamins.  We’ve pinned a ton of resources about showing our amazing clients that we love them with all of our hearts, and some savings guides to crunch numbers.  Plus this helpful planning guide for efficiency, which we feel like covers BOTH!

#motivationmonday is still going in full force, and we like to pump up on Monday mornings with some hardcore business planning.  This week? “Great things never came from comfort zones.”

This year, we’ll also be attending some pretty amazing conferences, like SMADCON and SoundBoard.  We wanted to also brush up on our marketing skills through some 2018 trends, tips, and articles!  Check out this infographic about 2018 Social Media trends to get what we’re chatting about.

Think that we’re all business this year?  We’re really jamming out on our summer reading lists as well!  Sure, we’ve got some business books, but we’ve also got some amazing beach and weekend reads like The Queen of Hearts and this really cool infographic about which business book you should read next.

Do you have any awesome books that you think we should read? Any business tips that you have to kick off 2018?

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