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Your website launch is a big event in your small business.  There’s a ton of work, preparation, late nights and early mornings leading up to your launch, and in the end you have a precious bundle of code.  It can be life-changing, and certainly cause for celebration!  Let’s talk about bringing your beautiful website launch into this world with a bang.

1. Plan

As with anything, it’s important to plan your website content, launch strategy and social network strategy to align with your website image.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Determining who your new audience will be
  • Picking your launch date (and confirming with your web designer)
  • Choosing which social media channels you would like to use to attract a new audience to your site
  • Deciding your marketing strategy, and organizing on a calendar
  • Looking for a custom launch plan? Give us a call.

2. Engage

Your current members/clients are your biggest fans already, so make sure to engage them in this big step. Get them excited about the site launch with some teasers and peaks behind the curtain. See if they have any feedback on how the design and content of your site sound and feel, and make changes accordingly. This way they will be prepared for the change and will help you promote your new site.

3.  Promote

Once your site is launched, let people know! Send out blast emails, create posts for your social media channels, and let your clients and prospects know about your websites new offerings and functionality! They’ll all want to check it out, so make sure everything on the site is working to its best ability.

The right strategy helps any business creates actionable methods to accomplish goals. A strategic approach will be crucial to reaching your objectives. If you’d like a custom plan to launch your new website, or any of your new offerings, let us know! We’ll bring the streamers and get this party started!

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