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In one of my earlier blog posts, I discussed the importance of Facebook in the social media universe. Facebook may be the leading social media platform, but there are a variety of other tools available for small businesses in the social media space.

Over 974 million Twitter users worldwide use the platform to check news, share information, and connect with people and brands. About 74% of Fortune 500 companies use Twitter, but only about 12% of small businesses do. The benefits of Twitter are clear: Social Media Today (SMT) reported that 36% of businesses have acquired new customers through Twitter.

Twitter helps enforce the brand of your business and guide traffic to your website. Small businesses can use Twitter as a tool to disseminate information quickly, and to respond to customers’ needs in a timely way.

Using Twitter can be a great advantage to a small business, but it can also be time consuming. SMT also reported that 21% of small businesses spend at least one hour on social media per day to market their business. Contact me in order to discuss packages and services that I offer, specifically tailored to your business needs. I also offer a variety of other social media services. Let’s discuss what will work best for you!

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