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In my previous blog posts, I’ve gone over the ways your small business can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Video to reach potential clients. One social media platform that is discussed less often is Google Plus.

970x250-RecoveredGoogle and SEO:

Google Plus has a much smaller market share than the prominent social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter. However, one of the main benefits to creating a Google Plus page is that it can help the Search Engine Optimization (SEO, which I discussed in another blog post) of your business. Remember, having a strong SEO can move your business at or near the top of a search, increasing the chances that a customer will click to your website. Google Plus works directly with Google’s SEO, which will help with your ranking.

Set up your Google business page by going to Add basic information about your company, business hours, contact information, and location. Include a link to your website and include a follower button on your website, which will help strengthen your SEO.

By following these basic steps, customers will be able to find your business more easily through a Google search.

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