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We had a blast working on Charleston Pro Bono’s new website!  

Charleston Pro Bono, for the public good.

Charleston Pro Bono is a truly amazing organization. They provide civil legal aid to eligible low-income residents of Charleston County at no cost to the clients.  They are able to do this through various government and foundation grant awards, in addition to the incredible support of the Charleston legal community.

Through donations and volunteer services, as well as through engagement in Charleston Pro Bono Sponsored events like Art on the Beach and their upcoming annual auction, they are able to continue their important work.  They field thousands of requests for services and help hundreds in our community every year. Green Bag Designs is so proud to support our community by supporting Charleston Pro Bono!

Green Bag Designs and WordPress. 

Their new site was built on WordPress, just like their original site; however, the new site was built on the PRO theme which allows for faster loading and navigation between pages which in turn helps their search engine optimization (SEO). This new theme will also allow for easier editing down the road so, Alissa (executive director, superwoman, and advocate extraordinaire),  can make small updates on her own.

Best of all, Charleston Pro Bono’s new website makes it easier than ever for applicants to apply for legal representation online! Their website analytics showed that many applicants were accessing the site from a mobile device, thus a mobile responsive website was an absolute MUST!

Whether viewing the site on a phone or a large monitor, the first thing that stands out is the big button saying “REQUEST LEGAL HELP”. Beyond the button, all that potential clients could possibly want to learn about Charleston Pro Bono is organized in an intuitive, visually appealing format.  

We love working with lawyers and attorneys!  

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