Business Card Designs We Love!

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Often, a business card is the first impression you will make with a potential client.  After the smile and handshake, of course.  This is your opportunity to show them what sets your business apart and convey necessary contact information.  Here are a few things to consider when creating a card for your business.

The Fundamentals

Every business card should clearly display your business name, your individual name, your phone number, and an email address.  Depending on your line of work a website or social media handle should also be clearly visible.  Sometimes our clients want to cram a little too much onto a business card.  We advise against this because it is imperative that all text on your card be legible.  This means you shouldn’t have to squint or whip out the reading glasses to figure out if that is an f or a t in the email address. 

Some clients feel that a solution to the space issue is to simply make the card larger than the standard size.  While there is some merit to the idea that an abnormally sized card will stand out, an unusual card can also be a liability. Consider whether your card will fit into a wallet, business card sleeve, or even comfortably in someone’s hand.  If you are the odd card out at a networking event, your card will be noticed, but it may also be discarded simply for the inconvenience of its size or shape.  A sharp looking standard size business card is our go to recommendation!

The Look

Your business card should always be in line with the rest of your branding.  For example, if you are a photographer with a clean website, a simple logo, and two or three colors you consistently use, don’t reinvent the wheel on your card!  Try using one of your branding colors on one side, where the majority of your text will be, and use one of your photos as a back drop to your logo on the other.  If you want to jazz it up, use several different photos for your cards.  Maybe 100 cards with photo 1, 100 cards with photo 2, etc. Consistency across all marketing materials will improve your brand’s recognition. 

The Feel

If you are budget conscious, a mat finish on standard stock paper will get the job done just fine!  However, if you would like to punch up your card a little, consider selecting a heavier stock or texture.  Texture is a creative way to distinguish your card from the first touch.  If it’s appropriate, foil detailing can also draw the eye!  Just be careful not to overdo it with the flashy foil.  No one wants an accountant who seems like they moonlight as the booker for Michael Jackson tribute bands.

Toot! Toot!

We don’t usually like to brag, but if you want an example of a great business card, check out one of ours!  We are fun, vibrant company with lots of personality and that come through on our cards.  We have the necessary contact info, on a standard size card, in our branding colors.  We add a little flare with our avatar’s and a peppy salutation, “Hi! I’m Maggie! Let’s chat about your business”. Chris likes to round two of the corners on her cards for some additional personality. When you have a solid design, small variations for each of your team members are an easy addition!

Whatever your needs are, we have your business cards in the bag!

Check out some cards we have designed in the past!