Using PowerPoint as a Tool for your Small Business

Since 1990, small business owners have used PowerPoint to present information about their services to potential clients. PowerPoint can be an effective tool to communicate your best ideas, but like any tool, if you use it incorrectly, it can be a detriment rather than benefit.

Remember that PowerPoint is a tool for you to use to make your pitch better. It can enforce your message but is not the messenger. Use PowerPoint to back up your presentation and to help make your case.


Here are some tips to create a strong presentation:

Use a consistent background on all of your slides. Use colors that are consistent with your logo to enforce your brand. You should also use lighter text on a darker background because it’s easier to read.

Focus on using visuals. PowerPoint can be a great tool, but no one wants to hear someone simply read slide after slide out loud. Take advantage of PowerPoint’s visual components like pictures and video. Include sales projections charts and infographics to enforce your pitch.

Keep it simple. Don’t distract your audience by using flashy animation for text or strange slide transitions. The average adult has a 5-minute attention span. Don’t lose it by using a star swipe or strange sound effects.

If you love the idea of using PowerPoint, but hate the idea of sitting down to make the slides, I can help! I offer services creating or updating PowerPoints and can help make sure your presentations are professional and consistent, allowing your message to come across in the most effective way. Contact me to find out more.