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First off, if you aren’t sending out cards a few times a year to your clients (past and present), we should chat.  Second, Thanksgiving may seem like an unusual time of year to send out a card to your clients.  However, we believe it’s the best time! Here’s why:

They are Unique

Most businesses will send out a card around Christmas or New Year’s.  Stand out from the crowd and avoid getting lost in the card shuffle by beating everyone to the punch.  No one will expect a Thanksgiving card and they will be more likely to actually read and enjoy it. Not to mention, unless your client is Chandler Bing, they probably love Thanksgiving!

Save the Drama

If you send out a holiday card you always run the risk of offending someone.  If your card says Merry Christmas, you are not acknowledging the many other winter traditions.  If you simply say Happy Holidays you are bound to offend your more conservative Christian clients.  If you ignore December Holidays all together and just go for the new year’s card, clients may wonder if you simply forgot to send a card until it was too late.  Save the holiday drama for your own family, and just send out a Thanksgiving card instead!

Where to get a Thanksgiving Card

You may notice that Thanksgiving cards are not in high demand outside of Hallmark. So, save the cost and hassle of tracking down generic Thanksgiving cards.  Call a graphic designer and collaborate to create your own, custom Thanksgiving card.  This added touch of care and quality will save you money and set you apart.

At Green Bag Designs we have the pleasure of designing greeting cards for clients year-round.  If you would like to collaborate on a fun, festive, affordable Thanksgiving card this year, give us a call!

We have your card, in the Bag!

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