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This Search Engine Optimization phrase keeps getting thrown around. I often have people ask me, “What’s with SEO? Do I need it?” Who has two thumbs and knows the answer? This gal.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Search Engine being Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and Optimization being the process of getting “organic” traffic from these search engines. Organic traffic comes from visitors that typed in keywords that relate to your site into a search engine, like Google, and found your site.

Search Engine Optimization is what gets you on Google, and preferably the first page of Google. Most people don’t go past that first page, so if you’re looking for that organic traffic, your site has to be on that first page.

I can read your minds, ya’ll! I know that you are now thinking how you can get your site on that first page! Or were you thinking if there’s any leftover pizza still in the fridge? There’s not. I already checked.

Let’s talk about how search engines, specifically Google, ranks your site. Google displays links to pages it considers relevant and has authority. Relevant content contain the keywords that this person is searching for, or has been chosen in the past by people searching for similar keywords. Authority pages include pages that other people and sites find useful and share through blogs, twitter feeds etc. This circle creates strong and sustainable Google rankings. (See how I linked the words Authority to other postings? This boosted these articles Google rankings.)

It takes time to gain a following, and have Google recognize this following. A great way to get started is with these easy steps:

  • Continuously write useful content that uses keywords and phrases your target market may search for.
    • This will showcase your authority on your chosen topic
    • Think of this as a continuous blog, and update it on a consistent schedule
  • Share on your social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
    • This makes your articles easy to share by your friends and clients
    • It also provides great brand awareness for current and potential clients
  • Keep it up!
    • Consistency is key; Google and other search engines are searching for new content, and will often mark a site as stale if there hasn’t been any new content or updates in a while.

It’s time to get writing! Who has two thumbs and can help? This gal!  Send us an email today for a custom blog schedule & blog writing services.

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