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I’m so glad that we can put our hurdles behind us and celebrate our top five big successes from the past five years!  Celebrate with us on our successes below:

  1.     Getting our first client

When I started this business, I looked on Craigslist for some of our first clients.  After several failed meetings, and more than one sketchy encounter, we turned our attention to my current sphere.  My first client, the perfect client, was right there in my current rolodex (is that even a thing anymore?).  This client is still one of our favorite and most cherished clients today.

  1.     Hiring our first employee

When hiring our first employee, we again turned to Craigslist.  Our online job offering search led to, Amber, the best Account Manager as well as an award winning food blogger.  Amber won us over with her attention to detail, positive personality, and love of Harry Potter (she’s a Ravenclaw).  She is such a vital part of the team, and we’re so happy to have her as a member of Green Bag Designs!

  1.     Getting our office space

Green Bag Designs started at home, as most small businesses do.  We quickly learned working from home was not going to work out; my Netflix queue was fully watched while my emails piled up.  To an office, we went! Local Works provided the perfect stepping stone to getting our current office in West Ashley. We love our current office at the Schoolhouse, where we have plenty of space to grow, and our clients have easy access to our office!

  1.     Growing with our client needs

Speaking of growing, our services have grown with the needs of our clients and advances in technology.  Five years ago, social media was not being used to the marketing capacity it is today.  One of our clients asked if we could manage their social media, and we rose to the challenge.  We accomplished the same feat when our clients asked us to add video to their marketing plans in 2017; we now offer video recording, editing, publishing and management as one of our core services!

  1.     Celebrating our Big Wins

It’s easy to remember your big hurdles; we had no problem spitting out five of them!  However, remembering successes can often be difficult.  It’s important to pat yourself on the back when you’ve had a big win.  That’s why we installed the #BIGWIN BELL!  This bell lives right by our door, and we love ringing it and having our clients ring it whenever we have a big win.  We can celebrate small wins, like getting a higher than normal read rate on our blast emails, or a big win like launching a new website or deciding on a branding board!

Do you have a business success or #bigwin you want to share with us?  Celebrate below, or come by and Ring that Bell!

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