Top 5 Hacks in Squarespace

In Demysitifying Websites, Tips & Tools by Enid Spitz

Are you currently using Squarespace as your site platform?  It’s easy to love the clean lines and functionality of Squarespace, but still crave the ability to make your site more “you”.  

  1. Add a video to your header: In most templates where you can add images into the header sections of your site, you can also embed a video to autoplay.  Need a video?  We can film one for you, or you can often get a great one from
  2. Remove the “Home Page” from your Nav Menu Bar:  If you are looking to reduce the size of your navigation menu, drag the Home page down to the unlinked section and get it out of your nav bar. When a visitor clicks on your logo they will be taken back to your home page so visitor will still be able to access it
  3. Customize your Contact Form: You have the ability to customize that form to ask questions that you need when someone is contacting you. Lead your prospects to answer questions that they KNOW how to answer and their answers will help you best serve them immediately when you respond to them.
  4. Take the Date out of your Blog: It’s good SEO practice to make sure that keywords are as far “up” in your blog URL as possible. Squarespace defaults your blog URL to include the year/month/day but you can absolutely change that.  Here is where you change the setting: Settings/Blogging/Post URL format <—-make sure there is only %t included in that box
  5. Change your Social Media Icon Styles: You can change the format of the icons per block (not globally). We have three different social links blocks added in with different justification (left, right, center) and different formatting based on the options provided.  There are so many more options!


Looking to have more control over how your site displays?  You may need to add some special code, or adjust templates.  Are you sure Squarespace is the right design tool for you?  We’d love to help you make adjustments to your current site, or build a new site from scratch.  Give us a call today to get started.