The Story Behind Green Bag Designs

In Inside Green Bag Designs by Enid Spitz

When I was growing up, I was always running little businesses.  I ran a pet-sitting business in my neighborhood, taught flute to a couple of kids in band, and had a brief stint making cupcakes out of my home.  I also spent my time playing computer games on a floppy drive, and making random geocities sites about my friend’s cat.  My father showed me the way around a computer, and my mother made sure I had all the scrap paper and colored pencils I needed for constant doodling and creating.

The path to entrepreneurship is not always a straight shot.  I chose my college based on where I had attended band camp, and began my degree as far from the business school as I could have been.  I switched majors four times during my freshman year, switching from Art to Computer Science, to Advertising, and finally decided on a Marketing Concentration at Georgia College & State University.

I’m so glad that I made the final switch.  I learned from my classes, educators, and internships, valuable skills about building a brand, discovering and learning from your competitors, and structuring a marketing plan that I continue to build on to this day.

Let’s be honest, though.  College did not prepare me for the daily hustle that is owning and running your small business.  This can only be learned by committing to the grind, and leaving your blood, sweat and tears on your keyboard at the end of every night.

I started this marketing company five years ago, in hopes to bring my knowledge and experiences to other small businesses in the grind.  I knew I wanted to provide an all-inclusive marketing company, to let business owners only make one phone call, as opposed to five when making marketing decisions.  I wanted to make sure that their whole marketing plan was in one place, in one bag.

One day, I walked into the Kate Spade store in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and saw the most beautiful green bag.  Its supple leather, strong handles, and sturdy shape (plus the 30% discount) were what I had been searching for.  I honestly didn’t even know I needed this bag until I saw it.  I just assumed I’d be lugging my laptop around in a standard black computer case, or maybe a side duffle.  The second I saw this bag, though, I knew this was it.  I went home, bought the domain,, whipped up the logo, and ordered business cards.  It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

The bag encompasses everything I saw for my company.  It was perfect branding; I show up to every meeting toting my green bag, making me super recognizable in crowded coffee shops.  It held everything; my bag is currently holding my laptop, charger, three green pens, one green sharpie, three green folders full of notes from this weeks meeting, my cell phone, my office keys, my 2018 planning journal, crackers, lip gloss, cough drops, tissues, and my wallet.  WHEW!  It’s like Mary Poppins bag, sans the spoonful of sugar.  It gives me confidence; I think this is the most important factor in this bag.  When I wear it, I feel strong, confident, and successful.  It reminds me of where I’ve been, and where I’m going.  All I have to do is pack my bag, and my journey can continue.

Five years later, this bag still comes with me to every meeting.  It’s got some dings, definitely some wear, and a whole lot of love.  It’s still practically perfect in every way.

I want to help you find your green bag.  I want to see your green bag get dings and nicks and confetti and fireworks.  Anything can happen if you let it.