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Social media is a great way to expose new customers to your small business. According to Digitalsherpa, 63% of users prefer to be able to access information about businesses through social media searches. My past blog posts have focused on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now it’s time to discuss video, which can be incorporated into all of these social media platforms.

Videos in Social Media:

Now that video equipment is affordable and accessible through smartphones and GoPro cameras, videos have become a much more prominent way of communicating online. By 2017, the Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that video will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic.

Videos can be uploaded easily and free through services like YouTube and Vimeo. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all include easy ways to upload and disseminate video to a wide audience. As people’s attention spans have shortened, so has the idea of the ideal length of an effective video. Vine, for example, is an application where users upload videos – but are limited to 6 seconds in length.

Small business can use video effectively by using a lot of the principles we’ve discussed in the best practices of other social media platforms. Giving customers a behind the scenes look at your business or a sneak peek into an event or upcoming project are popular video themes. It’s also important to share video links across all social media platforms to gain exposure to the widest audience.

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