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If you are amongst the 200 million Americans checking out Pinterest every month, then you know, it’s pretty cool.   So, have you ever considered using Pinterest marketing for your business?

Pinterest is unique because it’s not a traditional social network, and it’s also not exactly a store.  Pinterest is an incredible platform where users dream, shop, and plan everything in life from how to dress to what to eat to how to decorate their home. Think of Pinterest as a search engine. Thus, Pinterest is a fantastic opportunity to organically introduce your product or service to your target customer.

How Pinterest for Business Works

Pinteresting (verb) for your business is very similar to Pinteresting for personal reasons.  The primary difference is organization, focus, and consistency. The best way to start is to figure out what ideas or products are related to yours.  For example, if you sell unique children’s costumes, related topics might be costume parties, themed parties, Halloween, or acting tips for beginners.  

You should build several highly organized Pinterest boards with these related pins and include a few of your own products in the mix.  

Why Pinterest Marketing Works

Maybe you wonder what the value is.  How does “pinning” translate to money in the bank for your business?  Pinterest works the same way any other form of advertising does – it raises brand awareness.  Beyond raising awareness, Pins are linked to their original sites of origin. Meaning, when a user likes your pin enough to find out more about it, they are driven directly to your website.  Like all social media marketing, the primary value of Pinterest is to drive traffic, increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and convert potential buyers into paying customers.

Who’s doing Pinterest Marketing?

Most big brands figured out the Pinterest gold mine a while ago and have capitalized on this platform. You may recognize some big-name success stories such as Stevia in the Raw, Honda, Old El Paso, Adore Me, Bob Vila, Burberry, and so many more (link to Pinterest success stories).  However, don’t be intimidated by the caliber of these companies. Smaller companies can be just as successful in using Pinterest to market their business! All you need is an experienced manager (link to GBD Social Management Page) at the helm of your account!

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