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Myths about social media run rampant in today’s marketing world.  Most businesses are aware they should be on social media in some capacity but feel overwhelmed in trying to navigate it.  If you find yourself in this boat, sit back, take a deep breath and learn the truth behind a few of the biggest myths:

Myth One:  A Tech Savvy Family Member or “Intern” Can Run My Business’ Social Media

Truth:  A tech-savvy teenager or job-hungry interns may impress you with their contemporary jargon or lightning quick thumbs.  However, an intern likely lacks the practical experience of running social media for a serious business. When it comes to representing your brand on the internet, you need consistent and appropriate content.  It is crucial that the person behind your social media understands your company voice and have the skills to translate it to a broad audience. Opting for a more mature marketer will lead to results.

Myth Two:  Social Media is Totally Free

Truth:  While you can create most social media accounts for free, they are not really free.  If you intend to reach anyone with your account you will need to invest some time and money in growing your presence on that platform.  This means creating original content, several times a week and consistently posting and sharing; as well as running ads. You will also need to devote time to growing followership by following like-minded businesses, engaging with related accounts, and sharing content from reputable sources.  

Creating content and growing a presence may sound like a full-time job… that’s because it is if you are doing it correctly.  Hiring an experienced digital marketer will enable you to reach more potential clients through social media and result in more opportunities to build connections.  Luckily, social media marketing, though not free, is still a relatively inexpensive way to grow your brand presence in the digital world.

Myth Three:  You Should Have A Presence on All Social Media Platforms

Truth:   If you own your own business, you know you have to prioritize your time and energy.  This principle applies to social media as well. No one has time to run their business and simultaneously master every social platform available.  Even if you could, it wouldn’t be a valuable use of your time.

A great example is a photographer entrepreneur.  A photographer should absolutely be on Instagram because this platform is all about photos and visual content.  They should also have a Facebook account for their business so clients can leave rave reviews. The photographer should focus most of their energy on Instagram and Facebook, not worrying about Snapchat, YouTube, or Twitter (which are all about videos or verbiage).

Note:  Everyone should have an up to date LinkedIn.  Consider it your digital resume. You don’t need to post to it all the time, but having an account makes it easier for clients or employers to find you.  Finding you means hiring you… which means you get to pay your mortgage and feed the cat.

If you are ready to take your social media presence to the next level, give us a call!  We would love the chance to learn more about your business. We can help you get started or take over management of existing accounts.  Whatever your business needs, we have your social media solution, IN THE BAG!

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