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When creating your website, it’s common to want an email address to go with your new company name and domain.  No matter your domain provider (i.e. Godaddy, NameCheap, Squarespace), you can host your email through several options.  

The three most common options we see for email are below:


  1. Microsoft Outlook: MS Office 365 can provide email for your domain.  The expense is usually around $5/month, and can be set up in your domain provider or through your Microsoft Account.  Learn how to set up this email type here.  This email provider will allow you to read your email through Microsoft Online, which also provides access to Sharepoint and other Microsoft features. You can also read your email on your PC through Outlook.  
  2. G-Suite: Google Suite allows you to have a gmail-style address with your domain.  This expense is usually around $5/month as well, and can be set up through  More instructions are here.  This setup would also give you access to Google components like google docs, google drive, adwords and analytics.  If you have a personal gmail account, this type of email will fit seamlessly into your business.
  3. Through your Domain Provider: Your domain provider probably provides an email add-on option as part of their package.  Costs of this email option can vary depending on providers.  Most of the time you can still sync these online emails with an Outlook or Mail option for your convenience.  Not sure if your domain provider has this option?  Give us a call and we can find out for you!


One important thing to keep in mind is that your domain can only be pointed towards one email provider.  This means, you can either have your emails in GSuite for your whole company, or MS Outlook for everyone.  It’s not currently available to have one person read email in gsuite and one in MS 365 while using the same domain.  


We can help you figure out which email provider to use for your company!  Give us a call to schedule a consultation.

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