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Free Resources!

Free Resources are a game changer when you own your own business.  We know, just like us, you care where every business dollar goes. You could spend up to $500.00 on a single stock image!  Sure, there are times it’s worth it to shell out a little for a unique image, however, most of the time, the free version will do just fine.

Here are some of our favorite free resources!


Unsplash is a photographic Mecca of copyright-free images, under the Unsplash license.  If you are looking for candid photos of humans showing genuine emotion, this is where you find them! Human subjects aren’t the only stand out on this site. The photography of landscapes and nature will take your breath away.  There is no doubt that their 70,000+ contributors are artists.  Once an artist submits their work to Unsplash, a team of editors carefully reviews them and curates only the best work.   Once the download is completed you will have the option to leave a message for the artist who contributed the photo.  How thoughtful is that?


Hootsuite is a scheduling platform you can utilize to schedule social media posts ahead of time. When you first check out the website you will be bombarded by pricing options. However, if you scroll to the very bottom you will locate a small link that will take you to the free version of Hootsuite.

Once you set up your free account you can link to three social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest (NEW!).  From this point, you can design your dashboard to display scheduled posts, past posts, messages, interactions, and events.  The simple layout is very intuitive and easy to navigate.  It will save you time and energy that we know you need to spend elsewhere in your business.


Bensound is home to tons of royalty free music.  Music is organized by genre and allows users to listen to the music before downloading.  This is a perfect resource if you are creating a video for your business.  A little sound can elevate quality and perception.  Bensound has a few simple rules.  After you download their music, you can’t claim the music is your own. You can’t use it for audiobooks or podcasts.  And you can’t utilize it in a remix with your own original music.  Nothing shocking there.

We hope you find these resources as helpful in running and promoting your business as we do!  For a full list of the free resources we use, drop a comment below or email us at [email protected]