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Although a main focus of Green Bag Designs is marketing and graphic design, my background in real estate has given me extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and experience working with real estate agents. In fact, I still hold my real estate license in the state of South Carolina and work with many real estate agents, both residential and commercial. This has helped me in understanding what clients look for in marketing tools, such as, farming flyers. DI SC

Farming Flyers are a perfect combination of my history in the real estate market and my passion for graphic design. I’ve created Farming Flyers for agents using eye catching colors and market tested templates. I also work with every client to personalize them with photos, the company logo, and your contact information. I work with real estate agents at each step of the process to ensure high-quality and cost-effective Farming Flyers.

If you are a real estate agent, contact me to learn more about my Farming Flyer services as well as an array of other real estate needs. I look forward to working with you!

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