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I offer graphic design services as well as website design for a variety of small businesses. One popular service I provide in conjunction with graphic design is postcard marketing.postingsnew3

What they do:

Postcards are a great, cost-effective way to market your small business and get a strong return on your investment. Businesses can target different messages to different audiences in order to gain exposure to different types of customers.

You can track the effectiveness of a postcard marketing campaign by directing the potential customer to the company’s website through a URL link on the postcard. A specific link or discount will show how different types of messaging work (or don’t work) with different client groups.

Use postcards to thank current customers (and remind them to continue using you) and make them feel appreciated. Asking customers for referrals by offering a discount through messaging on a postcard is also beneficial – you reward the current customer and gain new business.

By using postcards, you also cut out the risk of being sent to the SPAM email folder unseen. According to the US Postal Service, 94% of mail customers read postcards that arrive in their mailbox.

Learn more about my graphic design services and postcard marketing by contacting me today.

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