What to Bring to your Marketing Meeting

In Demysitifying Websites, Inside Green Bag Designs, Tips & Tools by Maggie Gambon

First, congratulations on scheduling a meeting to discuss marketing your awesome small business! (Tiny Trumpet Noises) Now, let’s get started. Below you will find a complete list of everything you will need to bring along to make your marketing meeting run smoothly. 

Are you meeting to discuss your website? 

If you are meeting to discuss improvements to your site or a complete site redesign you should bring a few basic things to the meeting.  One, access to your site.  This means username and password to the back end of your site.  Two, access to your hosting and domain.  If you have worked with a marketing company in the past, give them a call to get this info before the meeting.  If you just can’t get a hold of this info, don’t sweat it, we can help! Collecting this information ahead of time allows us to dive right into the vision or your new site without losing any time. 

Is this your social media on-boarding meeting? 

If you are signing up for help with your social media, be sure to bring your passwords! We will probably be posting to your pages as an admin, but to set up a new admin, you must be logged in.  If you are totally unsure what your passwords are, bring along the phone, ipad, or laptop you use to access your socials. 

We can help you trouble shoot gaining access to your socials but it’s always nice to be able to jump right into goal setting and content creation.   

Are you coming to us for a Graphic Design? 

Bring along samples of other works you like and don’t like to give us very specific examples of your taste.  If you received a questionnaire, please be sure to fill it out ahead of time so you don’t feel pressure to answer the questions while you’re in our office.  The creative process works best when you have considered your wants and needs and clearly communicate them to us.  We will work hard to make your dreams come true, but we must understand the dream! 

For all marketing meetings, you should bring along passwords, relevant materials, and a positive attitude. We love our clients and want to make the marketing process as much fun for you as it is for us! 

We have your marketing needs in the BAG!