Website Facelift w/ One Coast Design on Green Card w/ White Background

Website Facelift w/ One Coast Design

In client showcase by Amber Forbes

*A website facelift is great way to refresh your website, highlight your services, and refocus your brand without the effort of a brand new website design*

We are so excited to share this website design launch with y’all, not only because Michelle is a really great client, but also because we’re really proud of how beautiful, streamlined, and cohesive this website redesign turned out.

Michelle called Green Bag Designs because her website needed a bit of facelift. The company didn’t need a full-blown website overhaul, but rather a few nips and tucks to better match her brand. 

One Coast Design was hoping for a look that was more modern and chic with elements that showcased their stunning designs and artwork that have been featured on HGTV, Charleston Mag & Coastal Living. 

As it was, their website was too cluttered, was littered with calls to action, and was overloaded with information on the home page. 

To begin, we stuck with a color scheme that matched the tone of ocean sand and flowed through the company’s branding from name to design, and their services were streamlined to make it very clear what their offerings entailed. 

Aspects of their shop were also reworked to make it easier for clients to browse and order customized work from Michelle who is such a talented artist!

All and all, we feel like the overall branding of One Coast Design’s website and Instagram feed are so stunning and beautifully cohesive, and we couldn’t be more proud of how this design turned out!

Does your website need a facelift? We’re here to help! Shoot us an email, and we’ll help you find the perfect person to help!

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