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Tips for Working Remotely

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

It’s time to get real about working from home and lay down some quality tips for working remotely. 

Too often we see work from home tips like “save time for self-care” and “find a work buddy”.

Um, no. 

While those are all well and good in the grand scheme of things, the whole point of working remotely is to get the job done, no? 

Here at Green Bag Designs we’re seasoned remote workers. From client meetings to networking functions to satellite offices, working remotely is part of our M.O. 

Here are some tips for working remotely that’ll help make your work from home job easier and more efficient.

  1. Remember Your Routine: Don’t make the mistake of sitting down for the work day in your slept-in PJs and fuzzy slippers. Just don’t do it. It sets the entire tone for the day and will leave you feeling tired and unmotivated. Get up. Get showered. Get Dressed. And Crush It. 
  2. Make Sure You Have the Right Tech: Do you need a keyboard for your ipad? Have enough chargers for your phone, ipad and laptop? Will you be having Zoom meetings? Or Google Hangouts? Do you have enough bandwidth and internet speed at home to supply all of your devices at one time? If not, get to steppin on getting your needs met STAT. 
  3. Get everything in writing: We can not stress this enough! Get EVERYTHING you’re doing in writing, and we mean EVERYTHING. Over communicate as much as possible. Follow-up phone calls with an email reiterating and confirming your conversations. Make sure clients reply “Approved” orders, copy, artwork, etc. Never assume anything. Always, always, always, always write in complete and full sentences explaining everything in full detail and make sure to get answers to major questions in writing. ALWAYS. 
  4. Keep a Calendar & Use Alerts: Keep a calendar and use alerts for client meetings, Company ZOOM conferences, project deadlines, etc. Set deadline reminders in these calendars so you can get the projects done a couple days before deadline. 
  5. Have a Designated Storage System: Whether you use Trello, Google Drive, or your computer’s document system make sure you have a way to access any necessary client files, pricing systems, branding colors, worksheets, photos, etc in one area where they can all be quickly accessed. 
  6. Have a System for your Passwords: Get LastPass. Use LastPass. Nothing is better than LastPass. It saves and protects all of your passwords in one place, and you only have to remember ONE PASSWORD ever again. It’s a lifesaver. 
  7. Get to know Google Drive, Docs, and DropBox and other cloud sharing systems: You’re going to be sharing files with your coworkers (or work buddy. Ha!) at some point so take some time to understand the fundamentals of these awesome cloud sharing systems. 
  8. Set Boundaries & Protect Your Time: Tell your family, friends, cats, dogs, neighbors and co-workers your working hours and expectations and stick with them. Stick to those hours and keep track of them w/ a tracking app if needed. PERIOD. 
  9. Stay Off Social Media: This should go without saying, but if you aren’t a social media manager or work in the marketing sector STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA when you’re working remotely. It is a time suck, you’ll get distracted, and end up down a Tiger King Carol effing Baskins rabbit hole if you’re not careful. 
  10. Stay Focused on one task at a time: Working remotely may seem a cinch, but it really can be difficult to stay on task if you don’t know how to manage your time. Try to focus on and complete one task before moving onto the next. It’s easier to make a list, starting with the smaller tasks first, then moving down the line as the tasks grow larger. 

Need more tips on working remotely? We’ve got your consultations IN THE BAG! We know times are tough, and we are totally here for you. Schedule a free consultation and let’s strategize your biz together. 

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