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How the Marketing Rule of 7 is More Like the Marketing Rule of 11

In Tips & Tools by Chris Majernik

The age-old adage, the marketing rule of 7, basically means a prospective client or customer needs to see or hear your message at least 7 times before they take action and buy your product or use your services. 

In the days of Covid-19 and social distancing, reaching new customers is harder than ever before. Because of that, we believe, the marketing rule of 7 has now become the marketing rule of 11. This is because we’re all so inundated with news, posts, content, articles, case numbers, cancelled events, trouble at work, the list goes on and on.

The Marketing Rule of 7 is now The Marketing Rule of 11

That means you have to get in front of your ideal client at least ELEVEN times before they’ll notice you. Not buy from you, but see you, pay attention to your offering, and remember it.

What the rule of 7 often leaves out, in our humble opinion, is that these 11 times need to be completed within three months. If you have a break of more than three months, you’re starting over. From. The. Beginning.

So, how do we get in front of our ideal client 11 times in three months without being a pain? Here’s five ways:

  1. Social Media – you’re on it, your clients are on it. Social media is a great way to get a suggested three posts out a week where your clients could potentially see them. Keep in mind they might only see 1 every two weeks or so. 

Count: +4

  1. Blast Emailing – When was the last time you sent out a newsletter? Is it because you were frustrated that your read rates were so low? Or your list isn’t that big to begin with? Even if someone doesn’t open your email, they still see your name in their inbox. This is almost as important as the contents inside. (A stronger headline might help as well!) We suggest sending out a blast email at least once a month.

Count: +3

  1. Send some mail – not to everyone, of course, but sending a handwritten postcard or note to your top 20 referral partners can make a huge difference with your marketing. They’ll appreciate the thought, and you’ll stay in budget. It’s a win win! Our recommendation is to send out one every other month.

Count: + 2

  1. Write a blog/article – and send it out to some of your local papers, or post it on your website! It’ll give you something to share in a direct email, or on your networking 

Count: +1

  1. Hold a (virtual) event, offer a discount, promote a sale – Create some buzz at least once every three months by offering something special. Your clients will feel rewarded, and might even tell their friends about your wonderful company!

Count: +1

With all of this, consistency is key! Stay consistent, keep at it, and the customers will fall into place. 

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