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5 Summer Slump Pick-Me-Ups for Small Businesses

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

The summer slump is just around the corner, and it’s a time when website traffic has slowed down, the phones aren’t ringing quite as often, and clients are harder to reach. 

As the social distancing bans are being lifted, and people are venturing out on vacations, now is the perfect time to initiate these 5 summer slump pick me ups for small businesses:  

  1. Re-evaluate marketing plans. Set aside time during the summer slump to dig deep into ads, analytics, systems, landing pages, and responses. What worked and didn’t work? What needs to remain the same and what needs to change? What fresh ideas can be brought to the table? Are there any new events in town to attend? Sponsorships to look into? New products to create landing pages for? Set up a marketing strategy session with your marketing department or with Green Bag Designs to realign your plan and get the best return on your investments. Newsflash! If you act now, Green Bag Designs is offering a special Halfway Point Marketing Refresh! Schedule now and use the coupon code: GBDFORME for $50 off!
  2. Audit your website. This is not a fun task, but the summer slump is the perfect time to do it. What exactly does a website audit entail? A basic website audit checks a website’s performance, traffic, site health, functionality, user experience (UX), user engagement, site links, etc. Website audits can further be broken down into SEO audits, security audits, conversion audits, and so many more. 
  3. Sharpen your skill set: Never ever ever stop learning! The business world and marketing strategies are constantly changing, and you will absolutely fall behind if you don’t keep up. Take advantage of the summer slump, and invest in yourself! Book training courses with Green Bag Designs, attend social media or niche specific conferences, go to networking functions w/ guest speakers, take part in webinars and conference calls. The possibilities are endless. 
  4. Play Tourist in Your Own Town. Take a day to hit up your favorite spots and the famous landmarks in your area with the intention of collecting as many photos for your social media arsenal as you can! Just think about how many photos you could save up if you did this a couple of days out of the month. While you’re at it, hire a local photographer (like our go-to Abby Murphy Photo) and get yourself some new brand photos or headshots for your newly audited website. 
  5. Add value to your products instead of cutting prices. Don’t fall into the pattern of cutting prices (and your company’s profits) during the summer slump when you can add value to your products instead. Think about offering an inexpensive (and branded?) free gift w/ purchase or participating in a pay it forward campaign where part of your company’s proceeds go towards helping a local charity or other struggling clients. 

Need help Getting out of the summer slump? We’re here to help! We know times are tough, and we are totally here for you. Schedule a free consultation and let’s strategize your biz together. 

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