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Social Distancing to Social Listening: Connecting With Your Clients on a Deeper Level

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Social Distancing to Social Listening

*Small businesses should begin their transition from social distancing to social listening by engaging with their clients and finding out what their needs truly are* 

The business world is in a weird position at the moment. A world where some small businesses are opening full-time, others aren’t opening at all, others are opening odd hours, and some still have no idea what to do. 

The bottom line is we all need to get back to business, and believe us when we tell you, the customer you once knew has changed! Exponentially. 

We’ve always been huge crusaders when it comes to building relationships with our clients and, in the age of Covid-19, showing up for your customers is even more important than ever. 

However, it’s not just about putting up an open sign in the window. You need to take the initiative to dig down deep, anticipate your customer’s needs, and provide them with an unforgettable customer experience that shows them that you truly care for them. 

These 3 simple steps will help your business transition from social distancing to social listening so you can connect with your clients on a deeper level and have them remain loyal for life: 

  1. Hone In on How You Can Help: Take the time to re-evaluate your client base, relearn your customer’s habits, and focus on how your services or products can solve their problems. Stakeout their social media posts and pay attention to what they’re saying. Keep an eye out for the people, places, and products they’re praising, and hone in on how your product or services fit into their life. 
  2. Send Out a Survey: You’ll never know the answer if you don’t ask! Now is the perfect time to send out a survey to your customers ASKING them straight up how you can help them. Ask them what they need. Ask them what they want to see. Ask them if there is anything, in particular, they’re really hoping to see from your brand. Ask them how your company can help. Sending out a survey is an excellent way to not only show your clients that you truly care about them, but it’s also a way to get some fabulous ideas on products or offerings you may have never thought of before. 
  3. Follow Through: Don’t you hate it when someone promises they’ll do something, but then they never actually follow through on what they said they’d do? Don’t be like them! Hone in on how you can help your customers, listen to what they really want, and then follow through on those requests as quickly as possible. It really is that simple. If you follow these tips to social listening, your clients will notice, and they’ll be more likely to come back to you again and again…and possibly refer their friends to you too. 

Need help moving forward from social distancing to social listening? Just know we’re here to help! We know times are tough, and we are totally here for you. Schedule a free consultation and let’s strategize your biz together. 

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