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The end of 2019 is near, and it’s high time small business owners start thinking about fresh new marketing strategies for 2020! 

In the ever-changing digital marketing world, small business owners and entrepreneurs must stay ahead of their competition and keep their eyes set in the future if they want to win the prize in the end. 

Going Green is Held in High Esteem

Plant-based ingredients, global warming, and organic materials and recyclable packaging are all on the minds of today’s consumer so keep that in mind when choosing shipping materials, mailing supplies, marketing flyers and whatever else may help reduce a buyer’s carbon footprint. 

Artificial Assistance Is a Thing

The use of chatbots, messenger bots, and other virtual and remote assistants can be great for customer service issues in your business especially during the busy holiday season. Just make sure they don’t completely take over and the entire customer experience. 

Personalization is Important

Buyers now expect more customized experiences. They’ll tend to stray away from businesses who don’t know how to hone in and show them exactly what they want to see and exactly what they want to purchase on their home pages. This is usually where retargeting ads come in. 

Customer Service Influences Sales

Real, down to earth, honest customer service will get your business further than an ad ever will. People love to talk and share their experiences. These online reviews are taken at face value by the people who read them and can easily make or break a business’s reputation!

Voice is Gonna Get Big

Alexa and Google Home are huge and will continue to grow. It’s predicted that close to ⅓ of all web-browsing will be through voice search! Make sure you start asking yourself…is this voice optimized? 

These hot new marketing trends are completely different from the small business marketing we’ve seen in the past so it begs the question…do you have your 2020 marketing plan in place? 

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