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Should You Start a Podcast for Your Small Business? 

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

Podcasts have been a part of the social scene for years. Nine times out of nine, you could pull a topic out of a hat and there will be a cast on the subject, but all that means is that you most definitely should start a podcast for your business. 

Why Should You Start a Podcast For Your Business? 

  1. Podcasts will drive more targeted and engaging clientele to your business, brand, and website.  
  2. You have the opportunity to repurpose evergreen content and reach a wider audience. 
  3. People want to learn new things!!!! When you start a podcast, people start coming to you to learn new things and you become a power player in your niche and industry. 

How Do I Start a Podcast? 

Beginning a podcast isn’t very hard, but there are a lot of critical steps, if your podcast is based around your small business, most of the hard stuff has already been handled!  

  1. Have a brand-specific podcast logo & cover art designed
  2. Add a podcast page to your website. 
  3. Choose a format (scripted, news, education, interview, combo, etc)
  4. Have intro & outro music been created? 
  5. Research and purchase microphones & equipment. 
  6. Record (and video?) your first show!
  7. Edit the podcast. 
  8. Submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts (iTunes). 
  9. Decide if you want to submit to other channels (Spotify, Youtube, etc) 
  10. Promote your podcast! 

How do I Promote My Podcast? 

Promoting your podcast can be pretty easy to do, especially since you already have a small business and a fan base! 

  1. Tell all your friends and family about it then ask them to do the same! Then have a launch party! 
  2. Post on all social media. 
  3. Run Facebook Ads or Post on Facebook Groups. 
  4. Post on Reddit & TikTok.
  5. Overcast Ads! Ads specifically designed for podcasts. 

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