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Ninja Forms for WordPress is easily one of the most well-built, user-friendly, custom form builders for website designers.

Our latest website design project was for Grace.Etiquette.Manners (GEM), a locally based Charleston company who provides age-appropriate instruction aimed at developing respectful manners and relationships with kids.

GEM’s gorgeous new site now offers online registration for their courses, so they required a detailed and interactive enrollment form which reacted to visitor actions and collected payments while compiling client registration information into a downloadable file.

Screen shot of Ninja Form on GEM website

Ninja Forms to the rescue!

Ninja Forms Fields

Ninja Forms for WordPress is fantastic and offers an impressive array of form fields to collect basic info like Name, Email, Phone as well as more advanced options like pricing, payment, and custom built fields.  

GEM offers sibling discounts on all of their courses, and Ninja Forms allowed us to create fields which made correct calculations based on the number of siblings enrolled at sign up.

Ninja Forms Integrations

Another great thing about the Ninja Forms plugin is that it easily integrates with third-party email platforms, CRM, and eCommerce platforms. Ninja Forms also helps users build their e-mail lists by allowing various sign-up forms to be strategically placed in several areas of a website.

You can also link your forms to PayPal, and collect dues or payment right through your Ninja Forms, without having to set up a WooCommerce!

The Bottom Line

If you need a complex form built on your website, Ninja Forms is the way to go!
Need help integrating Ninja Forms into your website or want your form to have a specific design? Reach out to us! We’ve got Ninja Forms in the bag!

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