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Don’t be intimidated by Instagram analytics!  Professional Instagram managers like Green Bag Designs spend a great deal of time and energy deep diving into analytics in the back end of social profiles.  For those of you who just need the basics, keep reading!  For those who would like to nerd out with us, book a training session here.

Why do Analytics Matter?

Simply put, analytics matter because the entire purpose of Instagram for your business is to help grow your business.  There is no way to determine the effectiveness of your efforts or your return on investment without these critical metrics. 

How to Access your Instagram Analytics

First things first.  If your Instagram account is not a business account you will not be able to see any analytics within the app alone.  You will have to use a secondary metrics app.  Changing your Instagram to a business profile is super easy and we can help!

To access your analytics in a business account, first, visit your profile. In the top right corner, you will see three lines, tap here.  Then, once a menu opens, you will see an option called insights, tap here. Now that you can view your analytics lets learn a little more about what you are looking at.

What Analytics does Instagram Give you?

Instagram provides you with a snapshot of your recent content along with the likes they received. Next, the activity on your gram.  You can see the number of times your profile has been viewed, the number of times the link to your website was clicked and even how many times visitors clicked “get directions”.  You can also see your reach and impressions.  We would love to help you understand what these stats mean for your business!

Another important stat from Instagram is your demographics.  Here you can see the age, gender, and city/country that is viewing your gram the most! This is particularly useful information to apply when targeting ads. 

What Should You Focus on?

When considering your analytics, you should focus your efforts on three things.  Building brand awareness, generating leads/sales, and fostering a community of like-minded users.

In looking at your past posts and planning your future posts, you should look to your analytics to determine if you have served these three goals and how you can continue to improve.  If you aren’t sure about this process, we are here to help!  Sign up for one of our social media training sessions today and leave with better understanding and game plan going forward!

As always, we have your social media needs in the Bag!

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