How To: Work from Anywhere

In Inside Green Bag Designs, Tips & Tools by Maggie Gambon

Are you chaperoning a school trip, going on a vacation or holiday and terrified to unplug from your business? We feel you! That’s why we have become the masters of working from anywhere. Here are our tips and tricks for working when you are out of the office.

Be Prepared, girl scout!

Be sure you have a fully stocked work bag. Devices, chargers, headphones and all! We also like to include some pens and paper for some good, old fashioned, work! A water bottle and a few snacks are also clutch (that’s cool kid lingo for convenient!)

This doesn’t mean you need to pack up the whole office and shove it in your already oversized bag. It means that if you have a few essential items you won’t be scrambling and stressing.

No wifi? No problem!

If you are working in a remote area without wifi or cell signal, you can still be productive! Plan ahead and bring a todo list of tasks that don’t require wifi. If you are having trouble thinking of any, here’s an idea! Try spending this time brainstorming, goal setting, or creating content. We find some of our best ideas come when we are unplugged.

In fact, unplugged time is when lots of content, just like this blog, get written. If you are wondering if you need a blog for your website, the answer is yes. So, get to brainstorming!

Always Marketing.

We always have marketing on the brain, but we know not every entrepreneur does. When you have the chance to work away from the office, channel us and think about your marketing! Set goals and organize your ideas. When you get back to town, give us a call and we can put your plan into action!

We have your marketing in the bag!