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How to Highlight Your Holiday Marketing

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

With the holidays abound and ads flowing into everyone’s face from near and afar, you’re probably wondering how to highlight your holiday marketing.  

There is one question you need to ask yourself before starting an ad campaign: are you after one-off customers just for the holidays, or are you trying to build relationships with followers who will continually come back year after year? 

Great holiday marketing campaigns come in so many shapes and sizes, but if you want to catch the attention of clients, evoke their emotions, and have a chance of keeping them for a lifetime, there are a few things you can do to highlight your brand:

Simple Ways to Highlight Your Holiday Marketing

  1. Show your personality: Are you funny? Have a dry sense of humor? Like anime or are you a huge fan of Friends? Let your audience know these things! Your followers need to connect with you on a real level and letting them know who you are by showing them these small pieces of you can make a HUGE difference in your little black book. 
  2. Appeal to their emotions: Whether you’re trying to reach their tender hearts or their funny bones, you have to connect with people’s hearts and conjure joy, tears, happiness, philanthropy and the willingness to share your story with the world. 
  3. Jump on the short clip bandwagon: The fastest way to reach the most people is to go viral on the largest social networks. There are a minimum of 1 *BILLION* users on TikTok, and learning how to use the platform  is a lot of fun. Give it a shot and see how much traction it brings you this holiday season!  
  4. Have client social takeover w/ a Q&A: People love to read reviews and hear other’s thoughts on things so why not have a past client take over your socials and host a Q&A for other potential clients or anyone interested in your products or services?
  5. Market a fundraiser for a social cause: Have a non-profit or charity near and dear to your heart? Host a proper fundraiser or food drive for them over the holidays and promote it across all of your social platforms. Not only could you raise a good bit of funds for your favorite cause, but you’d have the chance to meet a lot of people who have your same values, and have the opportunity to make some lifelong friends and clients. 

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