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Green Bag’s Annual Marketing Plan Membership

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

An annual marketing plan is a basic need for all businesses. 

Here’s why:

The ways to convey marketing messages are ever-evolving (think WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook Live, and remember Keek?!?). When these new avenues come about so quickly, marketing messages are often rushed, causing off-kilter branding, errors in delivery, missed opportunities, and lost goals.  

A well-thought-out, expertly crafted annual marketing plan will help any business properly execute its goals, delivering results all year long, regardless of how much the marketing landscape changes through the year.

What is an annual marketing plan? 

An annual marketing plan is the foundation of a company, drawn up at the beginning of the year, detailing the basic marketing strategies, business goals, content and themes to be used throughout the year. 

Marketing plans are referred to throughout the year, and any new marketing strategies and digital content can be created to coincide with the company’s annual marketing plan AND the best form of marketing execution that’s happening that week. 

Become an Annual Green Bag Designs Member!

Green Bag Designs is a huge supporter of having a marketing plan in place, being prepared for anything that could ever come your way, and we want to help you as much as we can.

 Only 13 spots remain for our marketing plan membership! 

Here’s what you get: 

  1. Marketing Plan Strategy Session

Let’s plan out your 12-month marketing calendar, setting you up for annual success!

2. Email Support

Receive up to two (2) hours of email support per year! We want to support and be here for you through all of your business journeys.

3. Six Month Strategy Session

At the halfway mark, let’s regroup and see what’s working and what isn’t; that way we can pivot and make the most out of your year.

4. Discounts

Receive discounts on both our exclusive training sessions as well as GBD offerings, such as graphic design work, website updates, social media, etc.

Have questions about our annual marketing membership? Reach out to Green Bag Designs for a 2020 Marketing Strategy Session today!  We’ve got all your marketing needs IN THE BAG!

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