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Google My Business and Why Your Small Business Needs It

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

What’s Google My Business? 

Google My Business is a tool that enables business owners to manage and optimize their company in Google’s local search rankings. 

If you’ve ever seen a box on the right side of the page pull up on a local Google search, that is a Google business profile. 

Were you aware anyone can set up a business profile for YOUR company on Google, but you must claim authority over that Google profile in order to edit or manage any of the profile information yourself? 

That’s where Google My Business comes in. 

Here’s where it can get tricky: A Google Business Profile and a Google My Business Account are two different things.

In order to gain management over a Google Business Profile, you must also set up a free Google My Business account in order to claim ownership over that business profile. 

Why would I need to claim my business profile? 

First and foremost, you’ll want to claim your account because if you don’t, someone else can. 

You don’t want that happening do you? 

If you don’t already have a business profile, you need to get one. STAT. 

Google business profiles are full of free advertising and SEO potential. They are a marketing powerhouse with the ability to build your SEO, help you gain useful insights, highlight your business on local maps, engage with potential clients, build local authority, and so much more. 

What if my business is my personal address?

Once your business is verified, you have the option of hiding your address and setting up your service area so your personal home address won’t be on blast. Google will show a broad area of which you serve, rather than your exact location, and you’ll still have the benefit of showing up on Google Maps! 

How to Set Up a Business Profile: 

First, you must already have a Business Profile setup. If you do, skip to the Google My Business Steps: 

How to Set Up a Google Business Profile: 

  1. Go to Google My Business.
  2. Click “Add Your Business to Google”. 
  3.  Follow the Prompts.

How to Set Up a Google My Business Account: 

  1. Go to Google My Business.
  2. Click “Manage Now”.
  3. Follow the Prompts.

Once you’ve created these accounts, make sure to find your Business Profile in Google Maps and Claim Your Business to complete the process.

Now get your address verified if you want to show up on Google Maps. 

Need help setting up your Business Profile or Google My Business account? Shoot us an email, and we’ll get started ASAP!

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