Fine Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Fine Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

Digital marketing is ever-changing, but your current marketing strategy may not need a total overhaul to keep up with current trends. Sometimes it just takes a bit of fine-tuning to keep your business booming. 

  1. Instagram: Consider implementing shoppable posts in your feed. 54% of users research products on socials before they make purchases. If you sell a product, make it easier for consumers to get to your store by linking directly to your merchandise through your social posts, stories, and Instagram ads.    
  2. Facebook: Streamline communication, offer incentives, and build relationships through Direct Messaging (DM). Being immediately available to answer questions for potential clients can make a world of difference to your bottom line. 
  3. Newsletters: Email marketing is as important as ever, but they can seem stagnate if not done the right way. Email is about building relationships AND user experience so your emails need to be detailed, polished, and super interactive. 
  4. Pinterest & Google Ads: Facebook and Instagram are still the big-time players in 2020, but they won’t be the top dogs forever. Spreading your fanbase on secondary platforms and gaining an understanding of these alternatives can boost your business and develop your presence on platforms that are going to continue to rise in the future. 
  5. Quality Content: SEO strategies and the algorithms for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest may be ever-changing but the bottom line will forever remain the same. Clear, concise, quality content that is easy to understand and structured for humans and search engines will always be KING. 

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