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Are you attempting to run Facebook ads for your business on your own?  Do you feel like you are throwing your money away?  You may be right!  If you aren’t working with an experienced digital marketing team, you may be wasting your ad spend every month. 

Case Study

We recently began running monthly Facebook ads for a social media management client.  Once we gained access to their Facebook business manager we were able to see their previous ad spend reports.  From there reports we saw that they were spending on average, $400 a month on ads! Which, by the way, is a lot of dough!  The $400 ad spend resulted in thirty-one clicks over the course of thirty days. This means they were paying about $12.50 per click.

Spoilers:  That’s not a good ROI.

Going forward with client set an ad spend budget of $100, which is a fantastic starting point.  Our social media magician, Amber Forbes, set up the ad to run for the month and checked back in after five days.  There had been less than $10 spent and already there were ten link clicks!  The average cost per click was $1.11.  Our ad also had a reach of 499!

Why our ads work!

Our ads are more successful because we dedicate a great deal of time and energy in structuring the ad so that it reaches the ideal target audience.  When an ad is only showing up in front of the audience you want to reach it is far more likely to receive quality link clicks.  Simply put, quality traffic is driven to your site or page.

If you are tired of wasting money and banging your head against the all, just give us a call!  We have your Facebook ads, in the bag!

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