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Email Marketing Tips

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

Need email marketing tips? Green Bag Designs has you covered. 

In a world full of TikToks, Instagram, Facebook, and other various avenues of paid advertising, email marketing still reigns supreme. 

At the end of the day, email marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of $42 for every $1 spent. 

Email Marketing Tips

If you haven’t yet used email marketing in your small business, now is the time to get started. As with most things in entrepreneurship, taking the first step is always the hardest part! 

  1. Choose an Email Marketing Service: There are so many different services to choose from. From Mailchimp to Constant Contact to MailerLite and Convertkit, choose a free email marketing service at first and make changes later as your small business grows. 
  2. Start Collecting Contacts: If you already have a contact list, upload your spreadsheet to the email marketing service of your choosing, then start collecting email lists any way possible. Add a subscriber link to your email signature, a subscribe button to your website menu bar, a call-to-action (CTA) button on your Facebook page, and and a subscriber pop-up on your website w/ an coupon code incentive to sign up.  
  3. Choose a template: There are a ton of templates to choose from in whichever email marketing service you decide to use. From long winded wordy emails to a more visual style full of pictures, choose the style that best fits your brand. 
  4. Send a test to yourself: This is very important! Always send yourself a test email to ensure all of your graphics, text, links and template are working as expected. Double check all of your links and ensure everything is working as it should. 
  5. Experiment w/ your timing: This is one aspect of email marketing where you’ll need to dig into your analytics and reporting and track your results.You can learn to much about your customers including their open rate, click through links, best times to send, and so much more.  

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