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Choosing Brand Colors for Your Business 

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

Did you know choosing brand colors for your business can play a major part in its sales and growth?

Science spins the color wheel, with top companies and influencers utilizing the psychology of color to garner the attention of customers, strengthening their brand associations and provoking purchases and sales. 

Think about some of the biggest brands in the world. Their name doesn’t even have to be mentioned, but if you mention their color? You know exactly who they are. 

Golden arches anyone? 

Choosing the right color for your company is so important, and studies have shown color can influence a buyer’s decision by 60-80%! Your company’s logo is the first thing a consumer will notice, and your logo and branding should be carried across your website, landing pages, products, newsletters, and socials so you’ll always be recognized. 

So, how do you choose the right brand colors for your business? 

Science says consumers react differently to each color so take a gander and see which colors represent your company best!   


Green: (clearly our fav!): Illicits feelings of freshness, serenity, wealth, safety, and prestige.
Blue: Reminds people of the ocean and the most popular of brand colors, blue alludes to feelings of dependability, trust, and security. 
Purple: Usually chosen w/ higher end or spiritual products, purple is associated with royalty, mystery, sophistication, spirituality, and nostalgia.
Brown: Brown needs to be used sparingly because it reminds people of dirt, natural elements, sustainability, simplicity, and durability. 
White: Crisp and clean, white represents softness, nobility, cleanliness, purity, healthcare, children, and the wedding industry. 


Red: The second most popular brand color, red is attention-grabbing and evokes feelings of excitement, curiosity, passion, and love. 

Yellow: Bright and eye-catching, yellow alludes to positivity, creativity, warmth, happiness, brightness, and motivation. 
Orange: This is a wonderful color to choose because it can stir up the attention-grabbing, exciting, and passionate feelings of red and combines it with the cheerful, brightness of yellow. 

Black: The most sophisticated on the color wheel, black represents prestige, classic style, timelessness, luxury, power, and wealth. 

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