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6 Ways Building a Website is Like Building a House

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*Building a website is like building a house! Each has a specific layer that must work together with the other components to stand strong*

Every business needs a website. 

However, we know the idea of building a website, with all of the terminology, vocabulary and rising costs, can be extremely intimidating. 

This in itself can cause people to forgo websites altogether instead relying on social media, or word of mouth, to take the place of their online presence.

Don’t make that mistake.

Building a website truly is like building a house. Allow us to explain: 

6 Ways Building a Website is Like Building a House

  1. Hosting: Think of your website host as the plot of land where you plan to build your website (or your “house”). You have to make monthly (or annual) payments to keep your site live and running, and it keeps the ebb and flow and your website working on a daily basis. Just as some home lots are in bad parts of town or are prone to flooding, the same can be said for your hosting company. Do your research and choose a company with a good reputation. No one wants their “house” constantly crashing to the ground, right? GoDaddy and HostGator are top contenders in the game.  
  1. Domain: Your domain name, or web address, is like your mailing address. It’s where others can find your business online. Your domain determines how visible your business is and how easy your website is to find. You choose your own domain names and purchase them from whomever you choose: through your own hosting company, GoDaddy.com (even if they’re not your host) or from other websites like Namecheap.com. Remember to keep your domain name simple and memorable and to make sure your name is not being used by another company. Once purchased, everything is then connected through your hosting company. 
  1. Framework: The framework is the foundation and the platform upon which your website is built. It’s the structure, the building blocks, and the barebones that help form your website into the best user-friendly experience for your customers. WordPress, Shopify, and Wix are all examples of website platforms. 
  1. Construction & Interior Design: Take the time to work with an experienced website designer who can construct a well functioning website with a gorgeous, sleek design. Your website needs to provide your client with the best user experience while still being easy and functional. 
  1. SSL Certificate: An SSL Certificate is like the lock on your front door. In todays world, you can’t have a website without it. It provides authentication for your website and enables an encrypted connection. These website locks are absolutely necessary and are connected to your site through your website host. 
  1. Website Maintenance: Think of this like the standard upkeep you have to do to your home on a regular basis. Just as you have to sweep the porch, clean the gutters, and power wash the siding, you’ll need to backup your website, update plugins and add-ons, update your framework versions, clear old files, and so on and so forth. This type of maintenance can be done in house or you can outsource website maintenance plans w/ your website designer or marketing company (like us!). 

Need help getting started on your website or need a website maintenance package? We can help! Schedule your call today! 

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