Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

In Tips & Tools by Amber Forbes

*These Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Computer are a great way to keep yourself busy is you’re cooped up at home during the April showers*

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blasting pollen bombs in the breeze.

Probably time for a little spring cleaning, huh? 

As you clean out our closets and wipe away the winter blues, don’t forget to freshen up your workspace as well! Follow these 5 spring cleaning tips for your computer to get that baby up and running like it’s brand new!

  1. Perform a Malware Scan. Pick a program that will check for viruses and protect your computer from future bugs. Make sure to set it to scan your PC regularly so you stay protected year-round. 
  2. Clean up your desktop & download folder. Delete downloaded files you don’t need anymore and move your wanted photos and videos to the cloud. Organize your home screen into folders, if needed, and remove any unnecessary shortcuts. 
  3. Uninstall old programs. Check your programs panel and uninstall any old programs you don’t use. Be careful though! If you don’t know what it is, don’t uninstall it. The program may be something necessary to make your computer function. 
  4. Remove unused accounts. Do you have older employee logins or family member accounts that are still active but are never used? Go ahead and delete them! Removing them will free up disk space and boost the overall performance of your PC. 
  5. Wipe your browser. Whether using Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer, you should wipe your internet browser and remove any browser extensions you no longer use. Clearing the cache, removing cookies, browsing data and deleting any history will help you surf the web at lightning speed. 

If you run your own company, it’s always a good idea to run some maintenance on your website as well! 

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